Monday, September 24, 2012

Men's Styling - Clusters

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gold – Can I cash you NOW?

Investors across the world have witnessed some strange things in the last very few years. Spanning the fall of greatest nations to stronger currencies and even the emerging economies considered as the breed for the future (which they still might be!). Such growing concerns saw investors running for cover with their hard earned monies and eventually sealed the fate of some commodities especially a few precious metals like Silver, Gold with as high returns as reaching three digit growth in just 2 to 3 years.

Considering the better global data thanks to quick measures like the QE and stimulus packages offered by the stack of leading nations to safeguard their interests along with the global aspirations (though partially!) have shown something to smile for the investor community, considering the recent positives around the jobs data, some of the embattled European friends returning to miniscule positive growth.

Since there have been a lot of discussions by the stalwarts of the Investment community that “Sanity has finally prevailed over profanity”

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Global Diversification & International Hedge!

MNC’s these days derive revenues from various geographies, for instance many of the big companies in the consumer goods, electronics, retail and oil companies are raking in revenues of up to 55-60% from countries away from the country/region of origin. Well that explains globalization from an enterprise level. However as a commoner or a retail investor trying to maximize the wealth what can be globalized options to build a long term sustainable wealth portfolio. 

Apart from traditional investments which hardly help you beat the inflation and domestic mutual funds which are prone to volatility in the regional markets, investors can look at global funds to have an international hedge as part of the portfolio. These funds can importantly provide you some positive returns even when the benchmark indices give negative returns and help you beat the domestic downgrades.

Amongst a few options compared below in the image, FT India Feeder Fund US opportunities and BSL International Equity fund come trumps with the way these funds are created through the FoF route invested in indices of the US stock market especially.

Investors to look at options beyond traditional instruments and vanilla mutual funds!!! Happy Investing!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Image Consulting...why do you need it?

I am sure we all would have thought why is it important to score the best in every opportunity that comes our way. However we often forget that we did get an opportunity and do not ask ourselves the most important question – How the hell did we land in such an opportunity?

Sometimes we figure that out and sometimes you need a Specialist in that area to help you out of such a situation when badly in need professional help – the savior is called “Consultant”.A consultant is someone who has influence over an individual, group, ororganization, but who has no direct authority to implement changes but has awide knowledge of the subject matter. And in Image Management you find him/her as Image Consultant.

While we can draw lot of lines of history from the predated times to the concept of consulting, the image management industry officially with the key concepts only started in the late 1970’s andearly 1980’s. Before that time “image management or image consulting” for thegeneral public was not a familiar concept. Principles of attire were onlytaught at fashion, finishing and modeling schools. Politicians, models, TVpersonalities and celebrities were the only likely candidates to hire an imageconsultant or receive an image makeover.

In the 1980’s several forces combined to pave the way for the image consulting industry to emerge. John Molloy’s book, "Dress for Success" enjoyed huge popularity and seasonal color theories began to gain momentum throughout the world. At the same time, women entering the workforce were in increasing numbers and competing in a man’s world. They saw that image mattered to their upward mobility and therefore, began to invest money in their appearance.

In the 1990’s the high-techcompanies influenced a more relaxed trend in dress and “business casual” sweptacross the country. Employers reported that unfortunately business dress wentfrom formal to business casual to business catastrophe and widespread confusion prevailed. Image consulting was essential to introduce dress codes and standards.

Today, the demand for qualityimage management consultants has risen to a new high as new markets have emerged. The competition is fierce as a plethora of highly qualified candidates seek new jobs and need to differentiate themselves from the competition.Personal and professional development skills become critical in such a climate. From my point of view for the industry this is good news! The definition of image consulting has broadened beyond “makeovers” to include behavior, civility and etiquette, body language, grooming, vocal and verbal communication,presentation, and personal branding.

Create an Image that lastsforever!!! And ready yourself for manymore opportunities and second chances!

Opportunity….Impression…..Positive First Impression!

I am sure we all would have thought why is it important to score the best in every opportunity that comes our way. However we often forget that we did get an opportunity and do not ask ourselves the most important question – How the hell did we land in such an opportunity?

The answer to the question lies in the impression you have created around you or in that most important meeting that gave you the second chance to prove yourself – opportunity!!!

Before we analyze deep into it let us first understand a brief history of the practice/s that we use/follow to create opportunities for ourselves – through presenting ourselves better, marketing our caliber and achievements and in this millennium we fortunately have many more weapons to achieve this. Now let us see how it all started a little bit and actually when did this phenomenon start!!

Public Relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization and the public. The modern historians conceptualized in early 1900’s when Ivy Lee and Edward Louis Bernays established the first definition of public relations then. However the image below will illustrate the evolution of PR from as far as 50 B.C even prior to Alexander the Great!
Later in early 1960’s a school teacher John T. Malloy from Connecticut, USA decided to change things forever how we perceive an image by the way we dress and carry attire. During his teaching days being part of the Research project helped him nail the significant impact between the teacher’s attire and the student’s attitude, attention span and conduct. In 1970’s he started to help the elite with his sense of style and immaculate suggestions on choosing the effective dress for the role, status or the occasion. Thus he became the Father of Wardrobe Engineering!

Since then these concepts and perfecting the art of dressing and first positive Impression it can create has transformed many including the likes of me!!! Cheers and Wish you a happy and positive Image! Image banani hai!!!  

Monday, September 7, 2009

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